PredictRAM is the decentralized finance (DeFi) Risk Management Network to analyze financial and economic events with the help of Predictive analytics, Artificial Intelligance (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Collective intelligence (CI)models and it creates event-specific synthetic asset-backed tokens. In which investors can hedge portfolios before any upcoming economic event to reduce portfolio's systematic risk.
Basic Operations. A tokenized asset issued on PredictRAM is said to be a pAsset(p). For instance, a synthetic version of real-world asset X would be called pX. The following are the main operations enabled by the PredictRAM Protocol:
• Mint: registered professionals can mint a pAsset(p) by locking up collateral, either in the form of a stable coin (CBDC) or a different pAsset(p).
• Trade: pAsset(p) are tradable on automated market makers (AMMs) on public blockchains ecosystem, making it easy for issuers as well as investors to buy and sell them.
• Burn: To burn a pAsset(p), the issuer must burn the amount initially issued to receive the locked (CBDC)
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