About Company
PredictRAM utilizes the combined power of computer intelligence (AI, ML) human intelligence(CI), and technology to mitigate risk. It combines our sophisticated risk analytics and highly scalable processing capabilities to enable you to see the whole portfolio, understand risks and exposures and act with speed and precision.

Brief Introduction

As a recognized FinTech Startup by DPIIT(Govt of India) and a proud member of FICCI Startup program. PredictRAM is incubated by the Startup Incubation and Innovation Centre, SIIC IIT Kanpur. Decentralized finance (Defi) Risk Management Network to predict & analyze financial and economic events with the help of data analytics AI, and ML models and it creates event-specific ETF. Investors can hedge portfolios before any upcoming economic event to reduce portfolios’ systematic risk.
By sourcing estimates from a diverse community of individuals, we provide data that is not only more accurate but is also a more representative view of expectations when compared to sell-side-only data sets which suffer from demonstrable biases. Our goal at PredictRAM is to give the market a transparent data set of true expectations while providing analysts with a platform to build a verifiable track record and mitigate portfolio risk against any financial and economic event.
Many financial market aspirants, Students, and financial analysts, data scientists contribute to PredictRAM, resulting in coverage of over 200 stocks fundamentals and 25 economic indicators each quarter.
1500+ Finance domain contributors already joined this platform
Our diverse network consists of financial analysts, equity analysts, financial domain students, analysts, data science students, data analysts, CA, CFA, and FRM students around the globe.

Problem Statement

Volatility & Risk
Why Volatility Can Be Bad for Long-Term Returns
As an investor, it’s hard to look at the news these days without hearing about volatility. 2020 has been a roller coaster year for a lot of reasons, not least of all because of the whiplash-inducing swings in the stock market.
But what do we really mean when we talk about volatility, and why is it something that long-term investors might want to avoid?
Many investors consider “volatility” as synonymous with “risk.” In this view, the risk is a necessary evil in order to receive the benefits of higher returns. In fact, volatility is only one of the many risks investors faces. It’s also not necessary to have a volatile portfolio in order to make an attractive return. Instead, by using a few basic principles, smart investors can enjoy the benefits of strong returns while significantly reducing their risk exposure.
For long-term investors, volatility can destroy wealth a couple of ways. First, volatility creates fear and uncertainty, which can lead to bad investment decisions. While investors know in theory that they should “buy low, sell high,” in periods of extreme volatility it is often the reverse. Too many investors see a big drop in the value of their portfolio and sell to avoid further losses. Panic selling like this is a mistake because it locks in your losses for the long term. Volatility can also make investors fearful about investing more money in the market, meaning they miss out on good trading days and the benefits of long-term compounding.


PredictRAM is a Risk Management Protocol that uses AI, ML, CI, and Predictive technologies that create event-specific ETFs contributed by registered professionals to mitigate individual portfolio risk at low cost.
Raw Data collection is the starting point of data analysis. Collecting Financial and economic data. Once the RD (Raw Data) is collected, it is processed to turn it into Information that can be converted into Knowledge further down the analysis track. Process research & analysis of upcoming events risk and impact by using AI, ML Models
Aggregating portfolios contributed by the SEBI registered professionals using Collective intelligence technologies.
Listing of innovative actively managed multi-asset-backed ETF or basket- to-hedge portfolios. Users can purchase these ETFs as per the VaR (value at risk) of individual portfolios before upcoming financial & economic events.

Goals & Objective

On a single platform, this comprehensive portfolio risk management combines sophisticated risk analytics with trading, operations, compliance, and technology tools.
With a single, standardized data set, PredictRAM brings clarity, efficiency, scalability, and cost savings to the entire investment lifecycle. PredictRAM is truly an end-to-end platform thanks to its native risk analysis.
By providing investors with tools that enable them to communicate effectively, resolve issues quickly, and make well-informed decisions throughout the investment process, PredictRAM contributes to Collective Intelligence.
PredictRAM is a complete investment platform:
Around 1500 investment professionals around the world rely on PredictRAM and our network.
Powered by over 150 developers who work on ongoing improvements that are made available to all customers. provided as a hosted service, with system administration, the PredictRAM technical infrastructure, and connections to data providers and industry utilities.
With more than 20 professionals, we run a "data and analytics factory" that produces event data and analyses for clients and monitors their quality.

Potential Benefits

Analyses of risk at the portfolio and security level
More than 50 analytical measures were calculated for each security
Concentration across sectors, issuers, nations, ratings, and other factors
Trend and time series analysis
Understand your portfolio’s exposure to fundamental risk factors.
Drill down to the underlying fundamental data for full-risk data transparency
Analytical and historical methods for value-at-risk and
tracking error Stress testing with user-defined scenarios
Daily analytic returns calculated from the bottom up Attribution and profit & loss by strategy, security, country, and sector
Absolute or relative to the benchmark

Our Team



Financial Market Professional, IIT Kanpur Fellowship holder, with more than 12 years of experience working in equity, derivatives, currency, portfolio management, and other financial instruments, as well as more than 5 years of coding experience. Developed more than 100 contemporary applications using PHP, jQuery, and MySQL Database. Used R programming language, ARIMA algorithm, ARMA algorithm, ANN, CNN, RNN, LSTM,
GARCH, VaR, Monte Carlo methods, Options Greeks, the Currency strategy payoff models, and many other tools to create several prediction models and projects. He is a CFA US candidate.
Subir Singh has a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Delhi. Certified arbitrageur and algo trading operations from BIFM.


7+ years of academic exp. Author of several research papers on finance, and econometrics for finance. Assist Prof in the University of Delhi, Ph.D. Finance, Research Scholar at Department of Commerce Delhi School of Economics She is an alumnus of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, and University Gold Medalist in Bachelor of Business Studies 2014 She is also a lifetime member of the Indian Accounting Association. She is CFA US Candidate.


Incubated by Foundation For Innovation & Research in Science & Technology SIIC IIT Kanpur.
Founder of PredictRAM Subir Singh selected for Research Fellowship — Innovator by TIDE 2.0 IIT Kanpur a program funded by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY)for Portfolio risk mitigator using tokenization product Development in web 3.0 technologies.
Selected for the F10 accelerator program. Only two Indian startups out of 110 global startup companies were selected for the world's biggest #FinTech accelerator program. F10 Singapore
Member of FICCI Startup program.
Member of Internet and Mobile Association of India, (‘IAMAI’) Mobile 10X accelerator program.
Winner - Best DeFi Product by KardiaChain Pioneer contest — Southeast Asia’s Premiere #Blockchain Ecosystem
On top 4 out of 270 Fintech Start-ups globally in NEAR accelerator competition.
Received grant from the NEAR foundation, backed by Europe and Japanese VC
On top 11 out of 2000 Startups by BITS Pilani Conquest 2022 (ongoing).
IIT Kharagpur Empresario_Finalist