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Building a Career in Risk and Asset Management with PredictRAM

Abstract: PredictRAM Params Data Provider Pvt Ltd is a fintech company that offers a cloud-based infrastructure for alternative data analysis and risk management services for registered advisors to serve individual investors effectively. This white paper aims to provide an overview of the opportunities and benefits available to students with backgrounds in finance, mathematics, and economics who wish to pursue a career in the portfolio, risk, and asset management industry through PredictRAM's platform. The paper discusses the roles of Research Analyst and Investment Analyst, the evaluation criteria for performance, the internship and training opportunities, and the pathway to managing real client portfolios.

Introduction: The Financial Risk and Portfolio Management Training Program is a six-month initiative led by industry veterans specializing in portfolio management. This comprehensive program is designed to prepare future portfolio managers by offering a holistic curriculum that covers a wide range of essential topics in the financial sector.

Duration: 2 - 6 Months

Program Overview: The core objectives of the program are multifaceted. Firstly, it provides robust support for participants to clear the NISM Research Analyst Exam, a crucial certification for financial professionals. Additionally, the program places a strong emphasis on data-driven client interaction, equipping students with the skills required to effectively engage with clients and help them achieve their financial goals. A unique aspect of the program involves participation in company management conferences, enabling participants to navigate and contribute effectively in real-world corporate settings. The curriculum is further enriched by focusing on diverse asset class management, encompassing equity, derivatives, commodities, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, interest rate futures, currencies, and digital assets. Moreover, graduates are granted the opportunity to manage real client portfolios, applying the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the training. Lastly, the program provides specialized training in ESG analysis using alternative data, acknowledging the growing importance of sustainability in investment decision-making.

Key Highlights:

  • NISM Research Analyst Exam Preparation: The program offers recorded sessions and study materials to ensure success in clearing the NISM Research Analyst Exam, backed by expert guidance.

  • Data-Driven Client Interaction: A key component of the program is the development of skills for data-driven client engagement, using analytics to help clients achieve their financial objectives.

  • Alternative Data & Sentiment Analysis: Analysis of non-traditional data that can provide an indication of the future performance of a company outside of traditional sources. Examples include media reports, supply-chain effect, web scraping, weather satellite imagery and more

  • Company Management Conference Participation: The program familiarizes participants with the intricacies of attending company management conferences, empowering them to ask insightful questions to top management.

  • Diverse Asset Class Management: Participants gain expertise in managing an array of asset classes, ranging from traditional equities to modern digital assets, thereby enhancing their versatility in the financial industry.

  • Data Analytics Training: Utilizes data analytics for achieving financial goals using Python Basics training

  • Real Client Portfolio Management: Following the successful clearance of NISM exams, participants have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in managing real client portfolios, gaining valuable hands-on experience.

  • ESG Analysis with Alternative Data: The program addresses the growing significance of ESG analysis by providing training on its integration into portfolio management using alternative data sources.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Traning on Code of Conduct for Financial Professionals, Upholding Ethical Standards, In-Depth Understanding of Regulations, Case Studies and Practical Scenarios.

Program Benefits: Graduates of the program emerge with a skill set encompassing portfolio management, ESG analysis, and effective client interaction. These skills not only open doors to career advancement in the finance sector but also equip them for success in the highly competitive finance industry.

Joining the Program: The application process is straightforward, with details available for interested individuals to get started on their journey toward becoming proficient portfolio managers. For more information or inquiries, participants are encouraged to contact at

How to Join the Program: visit

After registration, You need to submit reports and portfolios on upcoming market events.

You are required to submit research papers and a portfolio on the latest events as part of your selection process.

The report should include the following sections:

A brief overview of the economic event, including its current state, major economic indicators, and key trends. Including its causes, effects, and the steps that have been taken to address it.

An analysis of the future of the event, including the potential impact of factors such as climate change, technological innovation, and geopolitical instability.

The report should be well-written, organized, and informative. It should also be supported by evidence from credible sources.

After you submit your research papers and portfolio, the organization will analyze your performance based on the content of your research report materials and your portfolio performance. They will then make a selection based on your performance.

After selection, students receive email and 6-month free access to the PredictRAM Dashboard. This platform contains tasks, tools, and resources necessary for performing the assigned responsibilities. The dashboard centralizes all relevant information for a seamless workflow. All the above-mentioned benefits will be activated.

Performance Evaluation: PredictRAM evaluates participants based on their performance in three key areas:

  • Well-written Reports: Participants submit reports on financial and economic events, demonstrating their analytical skills and insights.(min 1000 words per report)

  • Points to cover: An overview of the economic event, including its current state, major economic indicators, and key trends. Including its causes, effects, and the steps that have been taken to address it. An analysis of the future of the event, including the potential impact of factors such as climate change, technological innovation, and geopolitical instability.

  • Stock Portfolio Performance: Participants suggest impacted stocks for upcoming market events, showcasing their ability to identify potential market movers.

Internship Responsibilities

As an intern with PredictRAM, your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Preparing research reports on upcoming financial and economic events.

  • Monitoring and analyzing quarterly financial results of relevant companies.

  • Keeping up-to-date on economic indicators, such as inflation numbers and RBI policies.

  • Identifying the potential impacts of these events on the financial markets.

Research Reports

Interns will be tasked with preparing research reports on upcoming financial and economic events. These reports will include:

  • An analysis of the event's significance and potential market impact.

  • An overview of key factors contributing to the event's outcomes.

  • Insights into how the event may affect specific sectors and industries.

  • Recommendations on investment strategies based on the event's implications.

Portfolio Submission

Interns will be required to submit portfolios of top-impacted stocks, sectors, and ETFs in relation to the researched events. These portfolios should be well-reasoned and supported by data and analysis.

Training and Development

PredictRAM is committed to nurturing the professional growth of its interns. Throughout the internship, you can expect:

  • Mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals in risk and asset management.

  • Access to cutting-edge financial tools and data analytics platforms.

  • Participation in workshops and training sessions to enhance your skill set.

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