Financial Analyst Internship

We are gathering FinTech enthusiasts from all over the world for an exclusive Financial Research Internship taking place online.

The best chance to learn, analyze and manage portfolio risk using data analytics AI, ML, and advanced technology.

This internship enables you to learn from leading data analysts and Financial Market experts around the world. This is your chance to improve your skill set, learn from expert data analysts and financial market professionals, and hack your way to the top of the leaderboard!

Job description

PredictRAM, an advanced portfolio risk management software firm incubated by IIT Kanpur SIIC and Graduated from World’s Biggest Fintech Accelerators - F10 Singapore, provides a rare chance for individuals in India to work in the most exciting, liquid, and advanced financial markets worldwide. Bright, analytical, and highly driven graduates and professionals have a fantastic opportunity to join a thriving business and take part directly in the fast-paced global marketplaces of today. This is both an exhilarating challenge and a great opportunity.

Responsibilities and Duties:

The candidate's day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Mining data and researching for at least 2 hours a day on fundamental and technical analysis of the stocks

  • Tracking, monitoring, and recording of market data as well as preparation of forecasts on financial and economic events

  • Giving opinions and views on upcoming financial and economic events.

  • Mastering our online software and performing with advanced predictive analysis techniques.

  • Working on the development of research reports on the country-wide economy and providing financial forecasts.

  • Performing secondary financial research and contributing to the team will enable it to develop robust reports.

Required experience, skills, and qualifications are:

  • Have relevant skills and interests in the financial market

  • Strong quantitative skills, analytical aptitude, and ability to learn financial concepts

  • Good knowledge of excel, standard MS Office suite, and market databases like Bloomberg, etc.

  • Excellent communication and team skills

  • Close attention to detail and ability to work to very high standards

  • Knowledge of financial modeling will be an advantage

Job Type: Contractual / Internship

Duration of the Internship

2 Months( Internship extension option is available for top performing interns)

Internship type:

Remote WFH.

Stipend Model:

We are exclusively offering a unique model of performance-based stipend for top interns. The rank-wise stipend, completion certificate, and letter of recommendation for top candidates will be distributed.

A leaderboard will be available on the dashboard to track real-time performance.

Perk: Completion Certificate, Letter of recommendation, Flexible work hours, remote work, 5 days a week

What do we do?

PredictRAM is end-to-end Portfolio Risk Management software that combines sophisticated risk analytics with comprehensive portfolio management tools.

On a single platform, this comprehensive portfolio risk management combines sophisticated risk analytics with trading, operations, compliance, and technology tools. With a single, standardized data set, PredictRAM brings clarity, efficiency, scalability, and cost savings to the entire investment lifecycle.PredictRAM is truly an end-to-end platform thanks to its native risk analysis.

In the first stage, we analyze financial and economic forecasts based on an aggregation of thousands of predictions made by a global network of competing data scientists, analysts, CFAs, FRMs, and financial market professionals

PredictRAM has two applications aimed at different types of features:

What are events?

Events: Events can be any upcoming financial or economic events an avenue to upload opinions by selecting top-performing stocks by doing in-depth analysis & estimates that support a financial and economic event.

Events-based stock recommendations and submissions are only available to advisers who have registered with SEBI. Advisors must submit a list of equities that are expected to perform well before, during, and after any specified events.

What are research reports?

Research Reports — A weekly leaderboard where users submit reports about the upcoming event with opinions on the most likely outcome.

The research report submission option is available to all interns. Every intern is required to submit reports by analyzing past data and your view on the upcoming event.

Do you provide us with past data?

Yes, We will provide you with the past data.

How to draft a research report?

Don't worry; we've got templates and sample reports for you to use.

Your Role?

If you're a student or a newbie, your duty is to read up on impending financial and economic events and then analyze the results by looking up previous information. Create reports, then submit them. Your reports will be evaluated by a group of professors by using (the star rating system). This is reflected on the leaderboard.

What is the star Rating system?

The scores you obtain on your reports determine your performance and stipend. You can check your star rating on the leaderboard.

What is Leaderboard?

A leaderboard is to track the real-time performance of the intern and will be available on the dashboard

Stipend Model:

The top 5 rankers every month will receive fascinating pool prizes, which include cash credit benefits and an equivalent value of INR 5,000.

Rewards Table


Cash & Cash Equivalents

Rank 1


Rank 2


Rank 3


Rank 4


Rank 5


Stipend models are subject to change without any prior notice at the sole discretion of the company.

Any Eligibility for getting a stipend, Completion Certificate, and letter of recommendation eligibility

Yes, you should have at least a 70% participation rate in financial and economic events to become eligible for a completion certificate and letter of recommendation.

How do I know my participation rate?

Everything will be available on a dashboard

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